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The nolimits team welcomes you.

You are one step away from the milon experience. Simply fill out our contact form and your milon coach will contact you as soon as possible to invite you for a free trial. Once you are in one of our nolimits clubs, your coach will answer all your questions.

The free training is entirely free of obligations - together with your trainer you will look which solution fits you - our membership starts from €55. Once you come to your appointment, your milon coach will “milonize” you with the milonizer. In just 5 seconds we will record your personal training settings in order to store it on your smart card, so that you don’t have to remember all your setting by yourself. This is a very simple process so you can immediately start your first 35-minute training.

Thanks to the milon technologies our coaches have more time to assist you during training. And if you don't like our training, we will refund your money based on our Success Guarantee Rules, for example: Train twice in 10 days and follow the advices of your milon coach!

Take advantage of our offer: the first 100 members will receive 1 month free of charge!
How? Just fill in a form on the home page and we will contact you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
The nolimits team

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